Roof and Exterior Spring Repair Checklist

Last week was a great teaser for the Spring weather ahead! As the weather warms, there will be homeowners all over pulling out their yard equipment and sprucing up the exteriors of their homes!

Making a habit of maintaining the exterior of your home each spring will assure you will have a good idea of the condition and any repairs needing attention after the harsh winter weather. Here are five key areas to inspect this Spring.


5 Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Tips


#1: Take a Look at Your Roof

No matter how mild the winter weather was, with spring rain coming, it’s a great idea to do a quick inspection of your roof for any damages needing mending.

You can easily spot troubled areas by noticing shifting, missing or cracked shingles. All

of these would signal repair to be sure your roof is protected from the elements of spring!


#2 Check Your Chimneys 

Take a good look at the mortar joints of your chimney. Any cracks, missing gaps or plant life growing should be noted for repair as they are all clear signs water has entered your chimney!

Take special notice of white staining on brick facing– it’s called efflorescence – it will tell you that your joints aren’t repelling water but absorbing it.


#3 Check Your Gutters

Have your gutters cleaned and re-secured if they are loose!


#4 Check Your Windows

An effective yet tedious spring project is to replace any damaged or missing caulk around your windows. While you won’t notice a difference in the mild spring or summer weather, your electric bill will come winter!

Condensation on the inside of your double-pane windows indicates that the seals of your glass are compromised.


#5 Check Your Foundation 

It’s normal for a foundation – especially in an older house – to settle and cause some minor cracking. To keep your basement water-free, you want a professional to repair any cracks bigger than minor ones.

A professional will use a two-part epoxy injection system which will chemically bond the cracks together.



Routine maintenance is the best way to save money on home repair. Creating a Spring routine of checking and correcting damage to the major exterior areas will ensure a safe, warm, and hassle-free home cone winter.  

What better way to welcome Spring than to pull out the ladder and spend a weekend or two tidying your home in the beautiful weather?!

If you live in the tri-state area, give us a call. We would be honored to help.